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Triumph Group SUNPIN Holds California Photovoltaic Power Station Project Completion New Project Signing Ceremony


On February 15, 2019, the completion ceremony of SUNPIN Colgreen North Shore 96.75 MW PV power station project and signing ceremony of the new 100MW project, undertaken by Triumph Group, were held on project site.Peng Shou, president of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., board chairman of Triumph Technology Group Company and China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., and Tom Li, board chairman of SUNPIN, cut the ribbon together and signed the contract.


Peng Shou delivered warm speeches at the ceremony, congratulated the completion of Colgreen North Shore Project in California, thanked the state and county governments for their strong support, and highly praised the development and implementation capabilities of SUNPIN. According to him, Triumph Engineering, as an international engineering platform for CTIEC, has built PV power stations of more than 2GW around the world. China and the United States have broad prospects for cooperation in the field of green energy, and it is expected that in 2019 Triumph Group will cooperate in the construction of PV power stations over 200MW in the United States and strive to build PV power stations over 1GW there within three years. At the completion ceremony, representative of the State of California Government awarded project completion certificate to SUPIN and Triumph Group.
The brand effect and influence of Triumph New Energy have attracted much attention in the United States. The newly signed 100MW PV power station is another milestone after the first and second largest single PV power station in the United Kingdom and Europe’s largest PV power station in Portugal built by Triumph Group. This marks a new step for Triumph Group in the field of international new energy engineering.

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