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CNBMEP Holds the Jiangsu Provincial Local Sta… [2020-4-24]
CNBMEP Wins the Bid for the Ultra-Low Emissio… [2020-2-14]
CNBMEP Wins the Only Special Prize of the Sci… [2019-12-26]
CNBMEP Attends the 13th China-Japan Energy Co… [2019-12-18]
CNBMEP Attends the 8th Flue Gas Pollution Con… [2019-10-29]
CTIEC & Thyssenkrupp Sign Cement Kiln Flu… [2019-7-10]
CNBMEP Attends the Annual Meeting of BRI… [2019-6-10]
Main honor
Scientific research
Patent technology
Pilot workshop
SCR denitrification technology of flue g… [2018-1-11]
Integrated technology of DeSOx & DeN… [2018-1-10]
Desulfurization wastewater full reuse te… [2018-1-8]
limestone/lime-gypsum desulfurization sy… [2017-9-26]
New dry desulfurization technology (NDS)… [2017-9-26]
Spray drying desulfurization technology(… [2017-9-26]
Circulating fluidized bed flue gas desul… [2017-9-26]
Bengbu Institute Signs Project of Malays… [2019-6-4]
Three-party Cooperation Agreement Signin… [2019-5-22]
CTIEC Signs General Contract of Pakistan… [2019-5-22]
Opening Ceremony of CNBM-FIVES Joint Eng… [2019-2-28]
Saudi Arabia Deputy Minister of Industry… [2019-2-23]
Peng Shou Meets with Guests Saudi Arabi… [2019-2-21]
Triumph Group SUNPIN Holds California P… [2019-2-15]
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